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Assistive Eye Gaze Technology

 Dragonfly helps quadriplegic people re-connect

Dragonfly is about freedom. The freedom to communicate with family, friends and caregivers. The freedom to fulfill educational pursuits and pastimes. Dragonfly is a computer-based Assistive Technology that restores a large measure of autonomy to persons without the use of their hands.  With Dragonfly's industry-leading eye gaze technology, people are able to use any Windows-based Personal Computer, by controlling a virtual mouse and keyboard at a glance.

Remote and Mobile Connection for Untethered Freedom

Dragonfly has a built-in USB power supply that allows for remote and mobile use with a laptop computer allowing it to be used anywhere a laptop PC may be used.



An Affordable Solution that works with your own computer

Dragonfly is a unique Microsoft Windows-based Information and Communication Technology (ICT) device or Assistive Technology (AT), consisting of a high-tech camera, two infra-red lamps, a USB connection, and sophisticated software that is constantly evaluated and updated seamlessly to the user's computer at no extra cost to the user. Dragonfly is a digital input device that is sophisticated, yet exceedingly simple to install—literally—in seconds, on any computer running Microsoft Windows operating system.

Dragonfly Assistive Technology is now available from coast to coast in the USA and Canada.

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Product Overview


High Resolution

Large 40mm lens provides accuracy to easily select small objects


USB Powered

Connect to any Windows based laptop or desktop computer in seconds.

Simple Setup

Connection, user calibration and software installation in minutes.


Multiple Users

Save and enable customized setting and layout preferences for each user.

Preset Styles

Eight preset style variations to choose, each with configurable options.


Environment Control

Turn on/off lights, electronics, room temperature and more.



A CSS based dropdown menu with advanced options such as mutli-columns.


Styled support for RokSprocket, RokAjaxSearch and K2 (3rd party).


Eight preset style variations to choose, each with configurable options.


  • Dragonfly Changed My Life >

    "I have regained daily communication with family and friends that I was beginning to think was gone forever" - Brian G., Montreal, QC

  • A Care-Givers Dream >

    "Dragonfly was so much easier to purchase, setup and use than the expensive Tobii system we tried first" - Betty Angelista, Toronto, ON

  • Works as Promised! >

    "Simple to set up and worked right out of the box. This is not the first assistive technology we have tried, but it's, by far the best! :)"
    - Debra Johnson, Sacremento, CA

  • More Than I Had Hoped For >

    "The Dragonfly system has added so much to my every day life - communication, entertainment, education... I love it. Thanks Dragonfly!!!"
    - Carol Stamkos, Asbury Park, NJ

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